How can 30 day brand strategy help you?

  • Convert more customers

    This course will allow you to convert more customers by influencing them to choose you, every time. Understand why your customers buy. Use the psychological power of your brand.

  • Grow your business

    I have helped businesses like yours to become no 1 in their market and achieve phenomenal growth. I will walk you through the proven steps to ensure you grow your business and boost your income.

  • Get more bang for your buck

    Stop wasting time, energy and money on marketing that isn't influencing your customers to choose you. This course takes you through the exact same process I take my brand strategy clients through (for £10,000).

Don't just take our word for it....

Bonita Poole, Nabu Online

I've increased my sales x8 already

Bonita Poole, Nabu Online

“Just a few weeks into taking the course I had increased my sales 8-fold. After applying some of the changes I learnt on the course my Instagram went from 1000 to just under 5,000. The results were instantaneous. I’ve taken courses before but this one went so much deeper. It allows you to apply brand strategy immediately in your business and get quick results. It definitely works!”
Jennifer Potter, BraveSouls

I've started to convert more customers

Jennifer Potter, BraveSouls

"If you’re responsible for growing a business, engaging with clients in a meaningful way or just simply making sure that your marketing spend is giving you a positive return on investment, then you need to sign up to this ecourse. I've started to convert more customers already."
Rob Dixon, Wm Sykes

Now no1 in their market

Rob Dixon, Wm Sykes

"We now have a brand that influences more customers to choose us. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to grow their business through brand and marketing activities. We are now number one in our market and have opened a new branch.”
Pam Simpson, Physio First

We are engaging more members

Pam Simpson, Physio First

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course if you want to change perceptions and undertake a brand transformation. Laura has helped us completely re-position our brand, attract and engage our members."
Zul Abdullah, Property Turbo

I now understand what drives my customers

Zul Abdullah, Property Turbo

"The course gave me a chance to focus on understanding what drives my customers. Then create the right brand personality, messages and language that will influence my customer to choose me. It has made me think differently about how I attract my customers through my marketing. I’m much more in tune with me, my brand and the direction I am going in. I’m already applying the principles in my business. I loved the style of the course, it was engaging and I completed it in 7 days."

Course structure

In addition with this course you get..

  • Your own brand strategy

    A downloadable brand strategy workbook in Word, Pages and PDF. Share it with your suppliers. A resource you can use for years.

  • Ask me anything

    Access to a private Facebook group, Brand Bootcamp, hosted by me. You can ask me anything. Share your outcomes. Gather feedback. Be part of the Brand Bootcamp tribe.

  • Simple tools

    We've created the simplest, easiest to follow tools that will help you craft your brand personality, values and more.

Meet Laura, your course instructor

  • Laura Pegg

    Brand strategist & Chartered Marketer

    Laura Pegg

    Laura is a marketing director, chartered marketer and brand strategist. She has been running her own marketing consultancy, We Are Circle, since 2009 and has over 20 years experience in creating brand and marketing strategies. She helps small business owners to create the life they desire through powerful brand-building strategies. Her brand strategies have helped business owners like you achieve big results; becoming no1 in their market, 145% increase in customer conversions, 34% increase in revenue & 8 times more sales in 3 weeks.

Pricing options

Start to grow your business today for a one-off price of £495 or spread the cost over 4 months for £149. All prices are inclusive of VAT.